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I’m frustrated

Your shipping information is inconsistent and incorrect

I went to the checkout page and selected "Overnight Saver" as my shipping method. There was a note on the page that says: "Note: Overnight and 2nd day shipping methods will ship tomorrow." This being the day before Thanksgiving, I doubted this would happen. After two calls to your customer support line (the first one eventually sent me to voice mail) I was told that shipments will not go out tomorrow. That's really not a problem. The problem is that your website didn't know this and mis-informs the customer.
Also, your customer support rep did not know if your distributor would be shipping on Friday. I asked if they did ship on Friday, would the books arrive on Saturday? He informed me that you have no Saturday delivery options. Fine. But why did I have to call customer support to find this out?
At this page: It talks about UPS ground services and Federal Express options. The options are (for FedEx) Economy 2-day, Overnight Standard and Overnight Priority. Where is the information about what "Overnight Saver" is? How much is "Overnight Saver" versus the other options. Is "Overnight Saver" handled by DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS? Which of these offer Satuday delivery (if any)?
I see that you have links to UPS and FedEx-so I figure FedEx can tell me...the link to the FedEx site ( returns a "Page Not Found" error. Ok, I'm smart enough to figure out how to get to FedEx and look it up but it looks sloppy if you have a broken link on your site.
So, in a nutshell:
1) The information provided at the OReilly Media Store>>Shopping Cart>>Shipping and Payment is incorrect, sparse and does not have a direct link to your shipping information page.

2) The information on your shipping information page does not match the options presented to people at the Shipping and Payment section and contains a broken off-site link.

3) Being automatically funneled to voice mail instead being able to wait was annoying. I called in on the 707 number and not the WATS line, so I don't see how it would be of any detriment to O'Reilly Media to let me decide to wait on hold for as long as I want.

;) Thanks for letting me get this off chest. I hope you find my comments useful and not just a waste of your time.
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