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I’m frustrated

Your instructions don't work for mp3 sound

mp3 brings up a message when checking in browser. Following your instructions from page 261 to page 264 of "dynamic learning dreamweaver CS3", I find that when checking out with the browser that I get a message " Unable to find the plugin that handles this media type. Dreamweaver looks in both the "Configuration/Plugins" folder, and the plugin folder for each of your installed browsers".

I have no problems with sound mp3,wav, etc. when on the web. How can I overcome this problem with your instructions.
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    Hi, Alan,

    Sorry for the hassles you're experiencing here. We'll get to work on helping you to figure this out.

    1. Are you running into this problem (receiving the error message) when you try to complete step #8? (page 264)

    2. What web browser are you testing in?


    --Steve Weiss
    Executive Editor, O'Reilly Media
    • Steve,

      Thank you so much for your reply.

      Your question 1:
      I have been having problems with Flash player for months, after loading CS3, and finally got that straightened out a few days ago. I just went in and re-did the sound section and now all works well on Internet Explorer.

      I am still having problems with Foxfire browser, my default browser. When checking the sound page through Foxfire I get Circles with Question makers where the buttons should be. I know WMP supports mp3 but it appears that Foxfire doesn't support WMP. I have gone back to Foxfire this morning and ask for their support on the plug in for mp3.

      If you know the answer to this problem, your suggestions would be appreciated.

      Thanks again for your prompt reply,

      Al Baker
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