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I’m amused but will not buy

You are so dear!

Why buying or downloading a book from O'Reilly website is more expensive than doing it from
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  • Hello Andrea,

    We don't control Amazon's pricing, though we do offer a number of competitive discounts for members. One is our Buy 2, Get 1 Free offer + free shipping on print orders over $29.95 in the US. We also offer a number of revolving members discounts, particularly for our ebooks.

    Beyond price, our ebooks have a number of features only available from O'Reilly. Those include multiple DRM-free formats, free updates, and lifetime access to your ebooks. It's because of features like these that make purchasing directly from O'Reilly advantageous. However, we're also happy if you purchase our products from Amazon or any other retailer.

    Thanks for writing. --Allen
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