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I’m terribly sad and angry

Yamba application can't connect to (Learning Android book)

the code suggested by the book Learning Android (2nd edition by Marko Magenta) doesn't work, the "getTimeline(20)" doesn't retrieve data from the cloud, throwing an exception. i tried to write "YambaClient cloud = new YambaClient(username, password, "");" as someone here said, but I can't make it work anyway. It throws a "YambaClientException : Unexpected error while communicating to" and the cause is said to be the following: "java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "Fri Aug 04 13:24:25 -0700 2017" (at offset 0)"
Now, I don't want to give up, 'cause a spent money on this book and so I think I deserve some care. Hope someone can help.
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