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XP Home, transfer problems

1, In XP Home, will the "files and settings transfer wizard" transfer my "Outlook Express" files?

2, In XP Home, I have 11 partitions on 2 hard drives + 1 usb drive. I want to re-format and re-install XP Home (on drive C). Can the "files and settings transfer wizard" be "told" to transfer only the information from "C" drive?
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  • Hi Kelly,
    In answer to question 1,
    I found an article on that details how to use the
    files and settings transfer wizard:

    It does look like it will work on the Outlook Express settings

    As for question 2, that would be a solution maybe best handled by a dedicated Microsoft support personnel.
    Here is how you can contact them:

    Best of luck with the transfer :)
    Tai Hake
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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