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Word 2007- reproduce non-std bullets from online templates

Am getting up to speed with Word 2007 using the TMM book – which is fantastic! Encountering a strange problem I didn't see covered in the book.

Would like to reproduce some bullets (apparently non-standard) that appear in several online templates. Have carefully read the sections in the book on bullets (including customizing) and templates and couldn't find a solution, but I could have missed it.
Example template files: All begin with MS Office Online> Resumes. Then 3 files: Basic>College Graduage; and Job-Specific>Computer Technician; and Job-Specific>Sales Manager. All these files launch in compatibility mode, apparently meaning they were created in a prior version of Word.

In each example, bulletized lists are used with a small round font, smaller than standard, and which I really like. After investigation, the bullets used appear to be non-standard in 2007 and I can't figure out how to reproduce them in other documents or resumes I'm creating. The fonts these smaller bullets appear with are Garamond 8pt, Tahoma 8pt, and Verdana 8pt, and in each case the standard round bullet that would be applied is larger. Normally, you can see which bullet is being applied by selecting the bulleted text then clicking home>paragraph>bullets; the in-use bullet is highlighted with an orange outline. But for these bullets in the templates, doing that shows no bullet style highlighted.
Basically, I would like to re-use these smaller bullets in other documents created in 2007. But I can't find a way to make the bullet available, even from using the guidelines in the book on bullet customization (can't find a symbol for it, or a picture, etc.). I also tried the Templates section for possible problems when using templates created in prior versions (maybe not all the formatting is available in 2007?) but didn't see anything about this type of problem.

Any help on getting this non-standard "smaller than normal" round bullet available in 2007 would be greatly appreciated! Sorry if it's in the book and I've missed it. Many thanks in advance. :)
-- Simone
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  • Hi Simone,

    I checked in with the author of Word 2007: The Missing Manual and here's some advice he came up with:

    Here are the steps to change the bullet for a bulleted list:

    1. On the Home tab, click the bullet drop-down menu and choose Define New Bullet at the bottom of the list (Alt+H, U, D).

    The Define New Bullet window opens.

    2. In the upper left corner of the Define New Bullet window, click the Symbol... button.

    The Symbol window opens (see below for the fig of what this looks like).

    3. In the upper left corner of the Symbol window, click the Font drop down menu.

    You see a list of fonts available to Word. The Font is usually set to normal text or symbol, but you can change it to any font you want, as long as that font is on your computer.

    4. Scroll through the list to find the font you want and click it.

    The symbols displayed in the window match the font you choose. You may need to use the scroll bars on the right to see all the symbols for the font.

    5. In the Symbol window click OK. Then, in the Define New Bullet window click OK.

    You're back in your document with the bullet selected and ready to go. At this point the best thing to do is the bullet in your document and save it in a new style. That way it's available whenever you need it and you can include it in a Word template.

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  • Pete,Thanks so much! That answered my question perfectly! I had gone into Define New Bullet and searched for a different bullet (unsuccessfully) but I was looking in the Symbol font. The key was -- I hadn't fully realized that each "normal" font (installed on that pc) also has it's own set of "symbol" characters. Duuhhhh, seems pretty lame now -- if I wanted a bullet to go with Garamond font, I should have just explored the Garamond font characters more carefully to see if there was a bullet that would work. Or -- in any font style for that matter, to pursuse other bullets that could match my needs.
    All set now, I've added my new bullet in the bullet library (and a few others I found), which I assume is attached to the normal template because it's showing up in any new blank docs. Thank you SO much Pete for the prompt, clear answer!
    -- Simone
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