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Please add a 'Add to Wishlist' button under the 'Add to Cart' button like Amazon has so that we can organize books we Wish to purchase into multiple Categorized Wishlists.
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  • Hello Robert,

    We're working on it now, and I'm hoping for a summer release.

    Thanks for writing. --Allen
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  • I’m frustrated
    Thanks for the reply Allen. But I just noticed while searching for my post that others have requested this feature up to 5 years ago and you have responded to each as though a revamped eCommerce solution was just around the corner back then up to now with my request.

    I understand that O'Reilly has a tremendous amount of time invested in entering and updating the inventory in the eCommerce system currently in place and that switching to something else may be cost prohibitive in labor.

    So I will assume judging from how long the 'new eCommerce' system has been promised that it is something that is just not feasible or too difficult for your team to pull off hacking your current system's backend code to add buttons, an independently linked (modular) SQL DB, CSS, PHP and a splash of JavaScript.

    I also have to wonder if You or your responses Allen are automatically generated from an algorithm script.
    Note that the lists shown in the above screenshot are actual lists created by me on Amazon's website.
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