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wish for a (serioulsy) advanced linux book

dear sir/madam,

I found this email address searching for wish-lists/requests
for your publication company. If I am mistaken, please
disregard this and excuse me for the unnecessary contact

If this is a correct address for customer wish-lists, here
is mine:

Market is full of books about Linux admin, but in reality
they are mostly about classic Unix themes, slightly adapted
to Linux.

What is really missing is advanced books on Linux-specific
issues. I mean books with chapters for cgroup, linux
namespaces, dbus, udev, systemd, pam and the like
(some do appear in literature, but only superficially
and as afterthoughts, buried between gawk and vim chapters)

So, isn't there any brave soul that will start his "advanced
Linux" book with thorough chapters on ramdisks, udev and systemd
instead of cmdline? to proceed with cgroup instead of ps and
nice, netlink instead of apache and postfix and to end with
linux namespaces and KVM instead of vmware images?

that is, hard-core Linux, instead Unix warmed-over?

Can't you direct a cooperative author to this direction?

thanks for your time
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