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Windows 7: The Definitive Guide by William Stanek

I am interested in the ebook verion of Windows 7: The Definitive Guide by William Stanek. How do I get the ebook? Do I have to download it? Is there an online access? Or is it on CD-ROM?
Can I order it through my local bookstore in Germany or do I have to buy it through the O'Reilly site?
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  • Hi Silke,

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    You can purchase the ebook directly from
    You will then receive the ebook in 3 DRM free formats - PDF, ePub & Mobi - which will enable you to read the ebook on a number of devices - you can find more information about formats and devices here . You will also receive free updates with corrections or additions for the lifetime of the book.

    For online access you can upload the purchased ebook to a service like at no additional cost - this would allow you online access to the title either from your laptop, pc or a mobile device.

    Alternatively online access is available through our Safari Books Online subscription service and this would be as part of a larger subscription to a range of our titles and those from other leading technical book publishers. More details at

    Currently the ebook won't be available through your local bookstore in Germany but we are working with an increasing number of resellers to make our ebooks available through them.

    I hope that this information helps - any further questions do let us know.
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