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I’m undecided

Will there be updated version of "Learning Cocoa With Objective-C"?

I want to learn to progrma in Cocoa and Obj-C from scratch, altough I can program in C and C++ a little (and VERY,VERY slightly in C#). I also love O'Reilly books. I found book "Learning Cocoa With Objective-C" on your site and I flipped through some pages on Google Books, but still, I don't know how outdated this book is - it is from 2002 and I have leopard and XCode3. I want to ask you -
1) will you make some 3rd version of this book?
2) if not, should I buy this book or wait for Leopard's version of not-O'Reilly "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X"? I don't know even the basics of Cocoa, altough I can write a little app in XCode, that makes "beep" sound when clicked on button :)
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