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Will O'Reilly be bringing out a Windows 8.1 Annoyances Book?

Will O'Reilly or David Karp be bringing out a Windows 8.1 Annoyances Book? I have, with much sadness, tossed out all mine prior to Win 7 (but have kept winXP to the bitter end

No windows is without annoyances and Win8.1 is giving me some.

-I need help with putting apps onto the programs list (I can run Media player via search but it doesn't appear anywhere.

-I fixed my Send To function with Shell:sendto but there doesn't appear o be a book out there about it

- where is there a good book about the file and registry structure and how to hack them
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  • Hello Colin,

    Thanks for your interest in a Windows Annoyances book for Windows 8.1, but unfortunately it doesn't appear as if one is currently being planned. You might find the book Windows 8.1: The Missing Manual to be useful, and more information on this book can be found here: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/06369....

    Other books on Windows 8.1 are available through Microsoft Press which O'Reilly no longer distributes. If you would like more information on those book please go here: informit.com.

    Best regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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