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Will ActionScript 3.0 text be updated to 4.0 and when?

Is the text Learning ActionScript 3.0 by Shupe and Rosser going to be updated to ActionScript 4.0 for CS4? When will it be published/available?
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    Hi, Janet,
    Good question. You'll, I hope, be happy to know that Flash CS4 and Flex 3 both run on ActionScript 3.0. There is no time line from Adobe on when or how ActionScript may be updated to a subsequent version.

    But when that happens, you can bet that we'll be working with Rich and Zevan to update *Learning ActionScript 3.0*.

    If you'd like to learn more about how Flash CS4 works with ActionScript 3.0, though, I'd recommend you take a look at a book we released in October, to coincide with the CS4 launch: *ActionScript 3.0 Quick Reference: For Developers and Designers Using Flash CS4 Professional*.

    Hoping this helps,

    --Steve Weiss
    Executive Editor, O'Reilly Media
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