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Why there is no Django book by O'Reilly?

The Django community is growing and more and more web developers are asking about this framework. I see it in my local LUG and at local web shops even here in Lima, Peru, do why there is no Django book by O'Reilly?

The are great Django books in the market, don't get me wrong, but I guess quite a few people is expecting an O'Reilly book to come out.

Django 1.2 is about to be released. I guess it would have been a great opportunity to publish a Django book these days.

Projects like django-nonrel are helping in having all the Django features run on platforms like Google AppEngine so the interest in the framework is only growing now that, for example, multiple database connections are supported and the door is open for replication, sharding and other techniques to be used by Django programmers.

For me, one of the best things about Django is that it's a clean, elegant approach to web development and it is easy to pick. I woudn't recommend someone entering the web arena for the first time to go learn PHP but Django instead so I guess a "Head First Django web development"would be very welcomed by people new to the web.

Regarding Django authors, I guess someone like Simon Willison haven't published a book yet so I think he would make a great condidate for writing a Django book for O'Reilly, maybe not a Head First but a "Learning" or a "Programming" book.

Hope to see news about this soon :)
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