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I’m Disappointed

Why kill the golden goose?

I still remember the Flash 5 author and publisher that let me down ten years ago. I'll never buy from author or publisher. Your customers are your golden goose; ignore them at your peril.

Your reputation was fixed when I purchased all of Colin Moock's books. Getting Started With Flex 3 June 2008, doesn't support that reputation. Right from the start, an exercise does not work. You have no online corrections. If Adobe commissioned this book, but not the errata: too bad; chalk it up to experience.

Any defective book with your name on it represents a debt. Ignore it or resolve it, but pay you will: in reputation or effort.

A tarnished reputation shines no more.
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  • Hi, Thomas,

    I'm sorry about the disappointing experience you're having with *Getting Started with Flex 3*, but am grateful you're bringing it up with us. We've not heard any issues from any other readers, but that doesn't mean the issues you're having to deal with aren't genuine, obviously.

    Can you give me specifics about the exercise that didn't work? And any other troublesome aspects of the book as you've encountered them?

    I'll then be able to get together with author Jack Herrington and we can work together to get things ironed out for you.

    Thanks for your help, and again, apologies for the hassle this is causing you...

    --Steve Weiss
    Executive Editor, O'Reilly Media
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