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I’m frustrated

Why is there no link to the practice file?

I am trying to download "Watch and Download Video, Download Practice Files" related to Photoshop Elements 8 One-on-One. There is supposed to be a link to the practice file on the first page. There is none. The page says if no link try a hard refresh. It didn't work. Obviously this is an ongoing unsolved problem or you wouldn't have a lame message like that. I noticed a previous complaint about this on your sales page that was made in March. It is pathetic that it is not yet fixed. It looks like you are not even trying. Is there a fix or is this just a ripoff? What good is the book without a reliable link to the practice file?
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  • Hi Jeffrey,

    While a hard refresh or new browser session usually fixes this issue, I'm sorry that did not fix this problem for you.

    Unfortunately these files are only available after logging in, and some users have reported instances of not being able to see the links after logging in due to cookie handling issues.

    There's an alternate way to get the practice files if you're logged in:

    - First, in a fresh browser instance make sure you're logged in by clicking the My Account link in the top right corner on any webpage:

    If you're not logged in, you'll see a "Sign in to purchase or post" box with form fields to enter your information and a Sign In button.

    - Then, visit the Video Player page:

    Each video has a little arrow to the left of the title that when clicked reveals a description and a link to companion Practice Files in each section.

    - Click the triangle next to "Video Lesson 1: Welcome to the Organizer" you should see a description and a line called "Examples: Lesson Files (15MB)"

    The Lesson files are the practice files you're looking for.

    To open all descriptions with one click the "Show All Information" link at the top of the Video Player list.

    Please accept our apology at this bad user experience, we don't want to make our users go through extra steps to get their Practice Files.

    Let us know if you have any further problems getting the files you need.


    Laura P.
    O'Reilly Media
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