Why is the web site associated with the Windows 7 Annoyances book not working?

Every time I try to access it I get the following

"Annoyances.org is temporarily down for maintainance and will return shortly. "

I suggest O'Reilly get on the author about it, or refund money people paid for the book.
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  • Hello David,

    I do apologize for this. I have contacted the author concerning this, and once I have more information I will be in touch.

    Kind regards,
    Paul Fichera
    Customer Service Representative
    O'Reilly Media
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  • Paul:

    I began asking questions on the apparent collapse of one of my favorite publishers in 2013 - Gotten NOTHING from you. Did I miss your funeral, or p'hapse the funeral for the [n] Annoyances series, the Creative Power Tools ripped from my computer, or?

    Only gossip I heard is that you guys outreamed something like 3/4ths of your IT workers rather than pay North Americans fair wages - d/k if that's true or not - I hope it isn't - people working for US corps. should be paid the same wages and benes no matter what country they work in, and companies moving jobs overseas should be taxed the cost of unemployment support= 1o 100% the salaries and benefits of people put out of work (to be paid to them) + the cost of administering pgm. (to feds) + a fine=100% of the above for the general trade imbalance.. Be that as it may ...

    You had the #1 series on solving Windows and other software problems on this planet. You seem to have killed it and cannot even be bothered to explain yourselves. SHAME on you and other readers who didn't rise up ans join the battle.

    Kil;ling a cash cow is more than stupid - its suspicious.
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