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Why is Previous - Next not displaying at the top of my Bookworm page?

I have a book, that is long. I want to read it page by page. However, the pages are not displayed, instead I see a wall of text.

The book is Catherogies from Aristotle, form here -

What am I doing wrong?
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  • Hi Kaja,

    You're not doing anything wrong. The reason that the Previous and Next links aren't available in Bookworm is because of how the content in the EPUB file is "chunked".

    EPUB files typically contain separate HTML files for each chapter or section. The Previous and Next buttons in Bookworm navigate among these different HTML files.

    However, in The Categories, all the book text is contained within one HTML file inside the EPUB, so Bookworm displays all the text at once on one page.

    For this EPUB, you may want to consider using a different ereader like Adobe Digital Editions, which breaks the book content into pages regardless of how the HTML is chunked in the EPUB. You can find Digital Editions here:

    If you're planning on reading the book on a mobile device, you may want to consider Ibis Reader or Stanza (iPhone/iPod only), which will also give you the functionality you want: (Ibis Reader) (Stanza)

    Hope this is helpful,
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