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I’m disgusted. It won't happen again.

Why do I pay for errata reported by customers?

What self-serving rationalization can O'Reilly offer for making customers pay for errata sheets that contain information that the customers themselves provide? (O'Reilly should be paying the customers instead.) And once O'Reilly gets its pound of flesh, why aren't the sheets available in downloadable formats? Or better yet, why aren't the errors fixed in the base document? O'Reilly produced over a foot of extremely well-written library shelf space on the X window system. How does it excuse the editing oversights, solecisms and schoolboy howlers that infect its book on "Google Apps", a topic that's barely worth the attention of its own technical writing staff?
If you're going to get outsiders to produce your books, first be sure that they can write. And if you're going to abuse your customers' good faith with such crassness, don't act surprised when they don't come back.

Jack Bailey
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