I’m irritated

Why do I another another account (apart from my O'Reilly account) to give feedback or ask questions?

To ask a question, share an idea or report a problem I have to register with getsatisfaction.com - seriously?

I just asked another question (which I of course can't lookup again now, there is nothing like an outbox in my profile). After typing in my question, suggestion, comparing the already answered questions and changing the title, in the freaking final stage I am asked to login.

I tried to use my O'Reilly account, which naturally (??!!) does not work for feedback to O'Reilly!? I did not want to open another account just to leave a short notice.

So I tried to sign in with twitter. The linked twitter page informed me that by accepting to login I would agree that getsatisfaction.com can update my twitter profile (and some other permissions). WTF?

There is no cancel button in the popup so I just closed it and tried the OpenID login via launchpad.net. This leads to a redirect loop (I get the same login dialog in a new window ad infinitum).

Finally I tried to use my google account and I was finally able to post. Of course I don't use my google account for anything due to privacy reasons (only needed it to activate my Android phone and to read some odd google groups which require login, another wtf).

So now I will get a notification when my question is answered to an email address that I never used. Another round of browsing the site to find out how to change the primary email address in my profile.

This all is not a big deal, I am used to rubbish like this everywhere on the net. But I expected much better from O'Reilly Media. Especially:

* Leaving feedback for somebody having an O'Reilly account should be easy and should not require registering for another service.
* You got my email, why do I need to tell the support site my email address again?
* It should be possible to leave feedback without an account (captcha protected if need be)

Thanks, Torsten
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