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Why can't i seemed to get it???

How do I get excel to count the number of month from start and end date?
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  • Hi Hobbiezz,

    Formula instructions to count months or items in an excel list can be found on pages 258-259 and 265.

    Excel offers a quick shortcut for five of its most popular functions—SUM( ), AVERAGE( ),COUNT(), MAX( ), and MIN( ).
    Just choose Formulas ➝ Function Library ➝ AutoSum to perform a quick sum on any group of selected cells.
    Or, if you click the drop-down arrow on this button, you see a list where you can quickly unleash any of the other four functions.

    SUM( ): Adding a group of numbers.

    SUM( ) formula that adds two cells: =SUM(A1,A2)
    SUM( ) formula that adds the range of 11 cells from A2 to A12: =SUM(A2:A12)
    SUM( ) formula that adds a range of cells along with a separately referenced cell, and two literal values: =SUM(A2:A12,B5,429.1,35000)
    Excel 2007: The Missing Manual, 1e
    Matthew MacDonald

    Mace Bergmann
    O'Reilly Media
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