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why can't i create a database using Learning SQL 2nd edition?

In the SECOND edition of Learning SQL on pg. 16 table 2-1 I can't create a database. I got the MySQL to install sucessfully, but I am a beginner and either don't understand the steps or they are wrong because the steps are for v6.0 and I had to install v5.1. So what are the steps to create a database using the book?
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  • Hi T,

    Thanks for contacting O'Reilly, and we're sorry for the frustration this issue has caused.

    On the catalog page for Learning SQL, 2nd e, there is a link called 'view/submit errata' where you can go to see any errors or mistakes that have been posted by other readers. I would suggest checking there to see if this problem has been reported and whether or not a solution has been posted.

    You can get there directly by clicking this link:

    You can also get there by going to the books catalog page and clicking on the 'view/submit errata' link.

    Kind regards,
    O'Reilly Media
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