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Where is the CD ROM for MCAD Training Guide?

I am reading "MCAD/MCSD.NET Training Guide (Exam 70-316)" online. The hardcopy book comes with a CD. Is the contents of this CD available online also?
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    Hi Sampson,

    According to Safari's site:

    "To access this type of support material within Safari, navigate to a book's Table of Contents page. When additional materials are available there will be a link located directly underneath the thumbnail graphic of the book cover. Click on that link and you'll be taken to the Safari examples server where you can download the content."

    If you're logged in and viewing the book, but don't see an "Examples" link, you can contact Safari Books Online directly at 800.775.7330 (US only), 707.827.4118, or

    Thank you,

    Rachel James
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