Where is new version of Chapter 13

Purchased Iphone, the missing manual 6th edition by Pogue. In Chap 13 he notes that a new version of Chap 13 would be available in PDF for download from this website. Question, is that true and how do I access this download.?? Thanks Jim
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  • Hi James.

    Unfortunately, the timing of Apple's release of iTunes 11 was terrible for the author, who has been incredibly busy finishing other books and projects. But he understands that you and other customers are waiting for this material, and he intends to complete the the revised chapter as soon as possible.

    When the chapter is finished, we will post it to the book's Missing CD page. I appreciate your patience and hope you're finding the rest of the book current and useful.

    In the meantime, the author of iPad: The Missing Manual has already updated her chapter on iTunes 11, which you might find useful while you wait for the revised chapter from the iPhone book. You can download it here:


    You'll notice many references to using an iPad, but the coverage of iTunes should be applicable regardless of whatever external devices you might be using.


    Associate Editor, Missing Manuals
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