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where is code example for 16.6.1?

i have two Linux boxes... ruining fedora 16. not sure just yet what web browser, but it fully supports JavaScript, and any feature not present i can most likely get place or turned on...

my goal is to be able to allow these two boxes to talk to one another. Or at least pass messages back and forth, preferably using browser based JavaScript.

I can use an external php server to parse php files if necessary, and i would like to explore this option as well, however this request would need to be made via JavaScript.

I am reading, and attempting to determine the best approach for "passing a message back and forth between these (web servers) "boxes" and the ability to POST to an external ip/URL php file and get back its response if possible.

any assistance here would be a great service.

also how come the chapter/examples 19* are not in the example folders?
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