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I’m very disappointed.

Where are the "color enhancements"?

Why isn't the OS X Mountain Lion, The Missing Manual in color, as promised on your website: "Our ebooks are enhanced with color images. They are fully searchable, and you can cut-and-paste and print them. " why isn't it available in ePUB format, so that it can be read on iBooks? Currently it only available as a .pdf file. Since the screen shots are included, why aren't they in color?
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  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your questions. To answer your first question, perhaps we should add "Whenever possible" before the sentence about our ebooks being enhanced with color (I'll notify our Marketing department), but the truth is that the vast majority of our books do include this feature. The few books that don't include color images lack them because of various production constraints, most of which are usually legacy issues for older titles or editions that began their life before the prevalence of ebooks. In the case of OS X Mountain Lion: TMM, many figures are reused from previous editions, and both time and production constraints make it incredibly difficult to reshoot everything in color.

    With regard to your second question, David Pogue was burning the midnight oil to get an ebook ready for publication on the day Mountain Lion released. Though PDF conversion was all we had time for at launch, we do indeed intend to offer it in all of the formats we usually have in our ebook bundles. If you buy the ebook bundle now, the other formats, including EPUB, will be added to your account when they are ready, which should be very soon.

    All that said, I also want to make sure that you know that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you are ever not completely happy with a purchase, please let us know. Details can be found here:

    Thanks again for your questions, and I hope this response helps.

    Brian Sawyer
    Senior Editor, Missing Manuals
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