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where can I download data sets and code samples of "Joe Celkos SQL for Smarties Fifth Edition" ?


At the book detail page, I saw :

"New to the 5th Edition:
Downloadable data sets, code samples, and vendor-specific implementations!"

However I couldn't find the code files anywhere. Where should I download them?
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  • Hi Nevzat,

    I checked in with our ebooks team about the sample files for this book and they got a note back from the publisher:
    Elsevier says that for this title that rather than centralizing the resources, the author decided to keep the links in context.
    The content in question is downloaded from a variety of URLs which are referenced in the book alongside their related content.
    Customers can search for "http" and will find are 17 links, most of which are in context as "you can download this at..."

    so, there isn't a central repository for the files mentioned in the book, they are available separately.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Customer Service
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