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When will Programming ASP.NET MVC By Alex Horovitz ISBN 13: 9780596521851 be released?

Hi there,

I was curious when Programming ASP.NET MVC By Alex Horovitz (ISBN 10: 0-596-52185-5 | ISBN 13: 9780596521851) was due to be released? has the release date as November 2008 but looking elsewhere online I have found different release dates for the same book ranging up to 6 months difference including OReily Germany. What is the correct release date? 01 Nov 2008
Barnes & Noble Dec 2008
Blackwell 01 Nov 2008 March 2009 01 April 2009
Amazon May 15, 2009 with different authors by Chris Sutton (Author), Tim Barcz (Author), Derik Whittaker (Author)
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