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When will the ebook version of OS X El Capitan The Missing Manual be released?

Have just received all four pounds of OS X El Capitan The Missing Manual. It sure would be nice to be able to take advantage of O'Reilly's member benefit of having an ebook copy of this title to read on my iPhone and Macbook Pro, and maybe even my Kindle Paperwhite. I realize that this book just came out, but how long will I have to wait for the ebook versions?
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  • Hi Charlie,

    The ebook is available, so you must be referring to our $4.99 ebook upgrade offer.  It looks like the book wasn't set up completely
    in our system, so I fixed that and the ebook upgrade button should show up under the print book's title in the Your Products page of your 
    account if it has been registered.  

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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  • I appreciate the prompt reply as well as your efforts, Chris. Apologies for not being more specific on which member benefit.

    Have tried to follow your navigational suggestions but cannot find "ebook upgrade" anywhere near or around this particular title in the list of my registered books. The title does appear when 'Books' on the left is selected but when the title is clicked I see no mention of an ebook offer, member discount or not.

    The below is all that are visible when clicking the title:
    View/Submit Errata
    Write a Review
    Ask a Question
    Catalog Page
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