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What windows development book should I get?

I am a former Java web app developer (6 years) with some HTML/CSS/Javascript knowledge. Before that I was a Mainframe guy (5 years). Now I am doing windows c++ MFC development. I had a little training in that several years ago when I got my masters but I just barely remember the high level ideas.

Do you have some book suggestions that will help get me up to speed? The focus should probably be c++ and MFC, but I'm getting the impression that Windows Development is moving away from that to c# and .Net so I could use some info on that as well.

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  • I've been *very* impressed with Windows Development Power Tools. I too came from a C++ background in other development environments (MS and Unix). There is a incredible wealth of information in this book that lets you exploit Windows through C#.

    I'd also recommend the C# In a Nutshell 3.0 . This has the latest (and awesome) C# features. You should get the Hejlsberg book as well as a very well written reference.

    After C#, there is no turning back to C++.
    Best of both worlds (Java and C++).
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