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I’m confused

What is the status of Dynamic Learning: Illustrator CS3?

Was the Dynamic Learning: Illustrator CS3 book canceled? If so, can you please recommend an alternative? I am a huge fan of the Photoshop CS3 book that I am reading currently. Thanks!
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  • Hi, AdamL,

    Alas, yes; I'm sorry to tell you that *Dynamic Learning: Illustrator CS3* is no longer on our publishing plan. (Glad you liked the *Dynamic Learning Photoshop* book, though....)

    I can't make any recommendations based from using other books; I do know that anything Mordy Golding writes (see *Real World Adobe Illustrator CS3*) is worth looking at; he used to be the product manager for Illustrator and is exceptionally dedicated to teaching well.

    Have you reviewed the Amazon reader reviews for the Illustrator CS3 books that are out there? At the very least, they can help you distinguish among the learning methodologies and target audiences for each book, as well as how effectively the author(s) fit what they've written within those parameters.

    I hope this helps for now. For later.... when a new version of CS comes out, we'll have something I think you and all other Illustrator users will be extremely interested in....

    --Steve Weiss
    Executive Editor, O'Reilly Media
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