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I’m dissapointed

What is the point of paying for lifetime upgrades with O'reilly ebooks if we can't download new editions

I have bought the Using Drupal first edition ebook form the amazon store to use with my Iphone kindle app. I also purchased the ebook lifetime upgrades but can't find were to down load the second edition of Using Drupal? Can you please tell me where to find it?
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  • Hi, Quinton

    The Kindle upgrade offers free lifetime updates (in addition to giving you access to additional DRM-free formats). When we talk about "updates", it is referring to formatting or errata fixes to that edition only.

    If a new edition comes out, you are eligible for a 40% discount for print books and a 50% discount for ebooks when we publish a new edition. This is what is generally referred to as an "upgrade".

    Sorry for any confusion.

    Daniel R.
    O'Reilly Media Customer Service Team
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