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what have i done to make SEND disappear on my new Macbook?

How do I reply to an email when SEND is not present and SHIFT COMMAND D does not send either, as suggested on p.705 of Mac OS X Snow Leopard the missing manual by David Pogue 2009 HELP
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  • Brian Jepson (Editor, Maker Media, Inc.) December 18, 2009 15:44

    Is the menu at the top of the screen visible? If you click the Message menu at the top of the screen, you should see a Send option. If it is grayed out, then something is missing from the message (such as the recipient address).

    If it is not grayed out, try clicking the menu option, but take note of the menu shortcut listed to the right of it. The attached screenshot shows what it looks like on my computer.

    If you don't see the Send button on the toolbar, click the View menu, choose Customize Toolbar, and then drag the default set of icons to the toolbar.
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