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I’m confused

what happened to my bindings panel

ok - I'm still getting through the CS3 mm... I'm having trouble seeing my bindings panel. I'm on a mac, but cannot understand why this should be an issue. I'll upload the snap shop, it is as if something is covering the words.
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  • Hi Lois:

    This is a recurring problem on Mac Installations of Dreamweaver CS3 - apparently screen redraw issues will periodically occur that cause what you're seeing here. I've seen it occur with other panels, such as the Properties panel as well.

    This is probably a question for the Adobe folks, but I believe later CS3 updated (which you can install via the Adobe Updater) may remedy this problem.

    CS4 currently does not exhibit the same issues, fortunately.


    Fred Gerantabee
    Dreamweaver CS3 Dynamic Learning
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