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What conferences are going to take place in Europe?

Why didn't you continue the OSCON in Europe? Are you going to hold any more conferences in Europe in the near future?
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    We just didn't get enough local support for the event to continue it. We'd love to do more in Europe, but it's a hard place to do conferences, with far less entrepreneurial activity than the US (see Michael Arrington's comments about this same subject regarding LeWeb at and, an expectation of much lower prices for attendance, and fewer available sponsors. This makes the events un-economic.

    In addition, there's a fair amount of regionalism, despite the promises of the EU. A conference in Germany draws mainly Germans; a conference in France draws mainly French; a conference in the UK draws mainly English. We've tried neutral locations like Amsterdam and Brussels, but they didn't live up to their promise either. Frankly, we get most of the same people who come to our European events to come to our US events. And now that we're doing some east coast events, that helps make the travel at least a bit less.

    We'd love to do more events in Europe, but especially with the economy as it is, we can't justify it. It's a bit of "you get what you pay for." Europeans don't seem to value the events as much as we hoped they would, and so we don't do them.

    I recognize that this is a problem, and we know that there is a big audience of people who do care about the kind of technology conferences we put on, but so far, our European conferences just haven't been as successful as the corresponding events in the US, and they are even more work to put on.

    We'd love to develop a new European conference strategy, but right now, we're scratching our heads. Ideas welcome.
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