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What version of Excel is used in your video training courses?

All of your video training course should indicate what version of the software they use in it. I am now looking at another video course "Managing Multiple worksheets" in Excel and nowhere can I find this information. I asked a question the last time and the response I got was that the course would be compatible with several versions of Excel. All well and good - but that is not the question I am asking. What version is used in the training for this Excel course (and other video courses as well). I am quite aware that concepts can be transferable to different versions of the program, but I am not really interested in someone using Excel 2010 to teach me something in Eccel 2013 - which I use. There are always subtle and not-so-subtle differences in versions. So, if my question can be answered great - if not - don't bother. Thank you.
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