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I’m quite concerned at the moment

What happens if an "early release version" is only one third complete?

Dear O'Reilly publisher,

I'm a bit concerned about the following. For background, I've only just registered with yourselves, but I've bought O'Reilly books for years - in shops and on Amazon. I think you're one of the best IT publishers there are!!

But now I'm disappointed. I already have the 2d edition of Angela Byron et al, Using Drupal. ISBN 978-1449390525. I am very keen to get the 3d edition, due to come out in April, as it covers Drupal 8. Then I saw there was an "early release" copy on your site, and instantly bought it there as an e-book. It cost $39 compared with the 2d ed at $36.

But.... here comes my concern. I got it & downloaded it, and it has only the first three chapters, and none of the appendices. This is not a good deal, and if I never will get more than this, I will feel very disappointed & badly treated to have paid $39 for this.

My questions: Are you going to give us more? How will I know there are more chapters coming / updates? Will I ultimately, after April, have the complete "shop" version of the book, or will I be stuck with the "early update", and would I have to pay again to get the final first version of the full book??

And if, as I sincerely hope, there will be a way in which I will get the book as it builds up, do you have any idea how fast that'll go?? I believe there is always a lead time for a book to come out. I can't imagine that it is that far from completion. But at the moment I only get less than a third. It's advertised "raw and unedited" - that's fine with me. But I'd like at this stage to have the "raw and unedited" version of about 90% of the book - which is surely how far the authors have got already??

Can you help me please?? Many thanks. I'm in London, UK - some distance away!

Henry Strick van Linschoten
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  • Hi Henry,

    When you purchase an Early Release ebook, you get early access to the book as it's being written. There will be updates from time to time with more chapters and content. You will be notified by email when there are updates.
    Once the final version becomes available, your Early Release ebook will convert to the final version in your account, so you will have access to the completed book.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Customer Service
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