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What do I get for the 4.99 Upgrade? Already have the Kindel version.

Just finished reading Extreme Programming Pocket Guide, Kindle version, and saw an upgrade offer for $4.99. What would I get for this “Upgrade”? I clicked on the link and landed on your web site, it looks like I’m buying an e-book copy of the same book I just read. That makes no sense, why would I do that? What am I missing here?
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  • Hi Tim,

    That $4.99 ebook upgrade discount is usually for owners of the print book to get access to the ebook without having to purchase it again.

    We also offer that same discount to purchasers of the Kindle version from Amazon and iBooks version from Apple, since those are versions have DRM and can only be read on their devices. Some people prefer to have the ebook in multiple formats with no DRM, so that they aren't limited to reading it only on one device. You get the PDF, ePub and mobi format, without DRM so you can read it in the reader of your choice.

    Best regards,
    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Customer Service
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