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WebOS Mitch Allen--Code Downloads

I've exhaustively searched for an answer to this, so I don't think I'm duplicating or missing something obvious. I'm working through the Mitch Allen O'Reilly book, and I'm wondering about something fairly simple that seems to missing: downloadable code, BY CHAPTER.

Here's the problem: I'm working through the book on the news app that a is built along the way. Apparently something broke, because right after the Ajax section (beginning on page 69), I'm getting a blank screen. Things worked fine before that point. I spent all afternoon checking the code against the book, looking at errata, etc, and I can't crack it.

Here's the issue: since the news app is being built cumulatively as I work through the book, I can't go on until I resolve this. The only code sample I've been able to find is the completed version, which is all but useless since things are added and changed along the way through the book. It's frustrating because one mis-typed character can wreck the whole book's progress.

Every other tech book has downloads by chapter, so worst-case, a reader can start someplace if a problem is encountered.

Any idea where to find chapter-by-chapter code for the book? Anyone else having a similar problem? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks for any help.
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  • Hi comullen,

    Sorry for the frustration, the Examples should have been available from the book's catalog page. For most books there should be an Examples link below the image of the book's cover. We're getting the link added, in the meantime, here are the examples for Palm webOS (the examples are divided into folders by chapter, all contained within the one zip file).

    Thanks for letting us know about this so we can get it fixed.


    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media, Inc.
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