I’m frustrated but happy

Web Programming with Python: Omission of necessary line in "dbinsert.py"

Errata for video Web Programming with Python: An omission of the line:


as penultimate line in dbinsert.py, created in the lesson "Database programming with Python - Inserting data". conn.commit() saves the data passed in the "cursor.execute" lines to the table "films" in "test.db", for later retrieval.

Everything works fine until the student tries to retrieve the data from the sqlite database "test.db" only to find the "films" table empty!! After ensuring that sqlite was installed correctly and that commands within it allowed me to write to the table directly (I went to sqlite.org for that!), I came back to this topic after doing some of the other chapters that were not database related.

How do I feel?:

Frustrated temporarily (since it was a little annoying when my code didn't work with no apparent difference with Mike's in the video or in the downloaded example files!) but happy because the diversion allowed me to learn more than I might have had the error not been there!! :)
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