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Vista Missing manual

I tried the web site for help but it seems that I am unable to complete my question/problem at get satisfaction. So here it is. Please pass it on for me.

I followed the instructions on Page 138 for moving folders in the Missing Vista manual. I used the shift key to move my pictures folder from C drive to D drive. The icon on C drive didn't move but I now have the folder [not a copy] on D drive with duplicate files. When I check pictures folder on C drive in properties box at "location" it tells me that the files in this folder are now located on D drive.
So why is the picture icon still on C drive along with the folders. I now have a duplicate, Right????? What can be done. I was under the impression the the Picture Icon would move also.
Please help me with this question.
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  • Anthony, although it may appear unusual, what's happening is indeed Vista's normal behavior when you have more than one drive on your PC. In Vista, if you Shift-drag (in other words, Move, not Copy) a profile folder like Pictures to another (D) drive, Windows assigns primary status to the moved folder. So if you click Start > Pictures, Windows looks for the Pictures folder that you moved to the D drive.

    However, Windows leaves the original on the C drive (for safekeeping, perhaps?), so you will now see two Pictures folders -- one on C, one on D. When you check the Properties, it shows D for the location because the folder that you moved is now the "new" Pictures folder.
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