Version Discrepancies in "Introduction to Python" videos

In the new "Introduction to Python" videos, video 10 ("State Capitals Quizzer"), Jessica explains and uses the "input()" function. But, there's a Python version issue here. In the "Environment Setup" instructions for OS X, it says that Python 2.7.5 is built-in and fine. Jessica, however, is running version 3.3.2. So when she types 'input("> ")' then types "test" at the prompt, her Python simply returns 'test'. When I type 'input("> ")' then type "test" at the prompt, my 2.7.5 Python gives me a Traceback error: "NameError: name 'test' is not defined". Python 2 has "raw_input()" for this, while Python 3 uses "input()". (Python 2 has "input()" but apparently tries to interpret the user input as Python code rather than as literal string input.)

I could not submit this as Errata from the video page but apparently an Errata page does not (yet) exist for this video.
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