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I’m confused

Using Missing manual cds

Are the Missing Manual cds available on-line indtructional videos or simply pictures to manipulate to learn about Photoshop?

I DL them, garden or daisy in particular, as I want to learn layers, but it just seems to be a photo. I thought they would be similar to the videos that are with my Photoshop software.

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  • Hi Kate.

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    I'm not sure exactly which book you're asking about, but it appears to be one of the editions of "Photoshop Elements: The Missing Manual."

    Regarding the sample files, you're correct that they are all image files, not videos. The instructions for how to perform various tasks are described in the book, so we haven't recorded videos with those same instructions. And the sample files are just there in case you want them--you certainly don't *have* to use them. If you prefer, you can perform all the techniques in the book using your own images.

    If you have specific questions about layers, let me know. Since I don't know what edition of the book you have, I can't point you to a specific page number. But check the book's table of contents for the chapter on layers. In the latest version of the book, it's chapter 6.


    Associate Editor, Missing Manuals
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