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I have a lot of O'Reilly books, especially e-books. I haven't been to the Site in a while and really like the changes, especially the, when my e-book was Updated column. I have so many books, it's problematic figuring out whether I have the "current" update. Based on the Update column, it appears that I haven't been notified by e-mail of most of the 2013 Updates which affects most of my Library so I'm going to have to re-download everything to get current again. Please keep that in mind...
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  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for your feedback. We send notifications for content updates, but we don't send notifications for all updates, which may include adding additional formats or corrections to just one format (for example, to fix a corrupted mobi file).

    If you mostly care about content, the email notifications should cover what you're looking for, but if you've had problems with a specific ebook format, are waiting for other formats to be added, or just want to make sure you have the newest files for an ebook you use a lot, that's where the Updated date should help.

    We're still considering ways to make this clearer. I hope this helps, and thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this.

    Kind Regards,

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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