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Unwrappable text

I'm running DW-8 so it may be a version issue, but in your "Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual" (ISBN 0-596-51043-8) on page 58, step-5, I cannot get the text to wrap around the headquarters image.
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  • Hi--

    Sorry to hear you're having a problem, and it may be related to the difference between the version of the program and the book you have (there's quite a bit of time--6 years and three versions--between them).

    However, let's try and get this solved. Can you send a note to emailus at oreilly dot com with your email address in it. That way, I can send you the section "Finishing the Page" from Dreamweaver 8. This is where you're running into the problem, and that's probably a good first step.

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