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unrecognized key symbol in Switching to the Mac

In "Switching to the Mac" at location 1012 ( paragraph about Sleep Mode) there is a key to press which looks like an eject button on a disk drive, that is a triangle above a rectangle. What key is it on the keyboard? I can't find such a key.
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  • Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for your question. The key you're asking about is standard on keyboards made by Apple, but not universal on other platforms. On Mac keyboards (built into MacBook and MacBook Pro but also featured on wired or wireless keyboards for Mac desktops), it's in the far upper-right corner, above the delete key and to the right of the volume function keys, and its primary purpose is indeed as an eject button for the CD/DVD drive.

    I hope this helps answer your question, though if you don't see this key I assume it's because you have a keyboard not made by Apple. I believe the F12 key on PC keyboards serves this purpose, but I don't have one to test.

    Brian Sawyer
    Senior Editor, Missing Manuals
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