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Uninstalling an unwanted program

Somehow I unintentionally installed a program on my iMac today called MegaBackUp. I tried all the ways described to uninstall to no avail. Overtime I tried to move to the trash it tells me I can't because the program is open. No way that I can see how to close this program. I have read the sections in OS X: El Capitan dealing with deleting and uninstalling plus have looked at the Mac Help. Can some one help me get this program removed, Please?
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    Seems that this unwanted program sprang up right after I did the latest OS X El Capitan update. I found the suspect's web site and saw that I was not the only one to be fooled by them. There were a lot of angry folks who had been taken advantage of with some even paying the subscription fee.
    There was one good solution which finally enabled me to remove the offending program. I had to go to the Activity Monitor and force quit the program and any thing else related to it. Then open Apps and right click the program and select move to trash. Finally empty the trash and it was gone.
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