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I’m very concerned

Unfortunate most inconvenient Double Charge on two former orders

Hi O'Reilly,

Between Nov, 28, 2012 and Nov 30,2012, I placed 5 online orders for a total of 476.71 USD.

Three of these 5 orders were payed for against a French Visa Card.

The two other orders were paid for against a Canadian Visa Card, but each was charged twice, namely :
- Order ML_763955 209.58USD ; Charged once on Nov 28,2012 ; Charged again on Dec 18,2012
- Order ML_765768 ; 4.99USD ; Charged once on Nov 29,2012 ; Charged again the next day on Nov 30,2012

How can this occur and recur in two different orders, I have no idea! But this is definitely very serious and most concerning.

For one thing, I have no idea whether these orders will be charged again, if ever, and when (of course)... so I should keep myself on the alert ! The second thing, that drawn my attention on the matter, is the major inconvenience it caused me today as an important online transaction for a travel ticket was denied for lack of funds, despite I knew that I had it well covered. Checking with my bank revealed that it is indeed O'Reilly double charge today (on Dec 18,2012) that provoked this unfortunate lack of funds.

Moreover, this serious incident also puts some light on two concerning matters :

1) O'Reilly online payment system, whatever it is, is keeping confidential customer payment information, or it will not be possible for this system to charge many times the same order at different dates.

2) Why is O'Reilly acounting system not reconciling the payments it receives so to automatically detect these multiple charges against the same orders and take the appropriate corrective measures ? (for instance, how about these many customers, like me, that are not keeping themselves tightly up-to-date with their personal accounting...)

Unless I receive some definite guaranties that this will not happen again, I will not buy again online directly at O'Reilly, and will simply resume buying directly thru Amazon (despite the lesser benefit for O'Reilly).

In the midtime, I cannot think of anything but urge O'Reilly accounting department to refund me at once the two double charges (209.58USD + 4.99 USD = 214.57 USD) on the same Visa card that had been used to charge me twice, also hoping that O'Reilly will provide me with some commercial gesture to make up for this unacceptable mistake and inconvenience.

Please fee free to contact me directly at 1.360.226.6903 to discuss the matter.


Dr. Franck PORCHER, PhD
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  • Good Morning Dr. Porcher, Thank you for reaching out to us to sort this out. I called this morning and was not able to reach you, so I will email you directly to work out the details. We are so sorry for any inconvenience and will get to the heart of the matter.

    In reviewing your account, it looks as if there are double authorizations which should have dropped off with single charges. I feel confident that you will not be receiving any additional charges. I will explain more in our direct communication.

    Thank you again for allowing us to work with you to get this sorted, we take our service and support seriously and appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

    Best, Liz ,
    O'Reilly Media Customer Service Manager
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