I’m frustrated

Unable to register my books

I was excited to see this morning you have a deal going on cheap ebook upgrades. I want to take advantage of the offer but am unable to register my books in the system.

I login to the system (user account alex@alexpolson.com) and then go to the registration page:

I'm trying to register my copy of CSS: The Definitive Guide (3rd edition). I've tried both the ISBN and searching for the book by title. When I enter the ISBN (just one, both 13 and 10 digit types, no dashes) I get an "invalid syntax" error. It doesn't matter what I put in I always get the error. When I try and enter the title, complete or otherwise, I get a similar error but instead I'm shared a link to the Lucene query syntax. I'm a developer and know what Lucene is but do you really expect the average user to understand the syntax to register a book on your site?

If there's a specific syntax that you expect (dashes in the ISBN, etc) you should make that clear on the page and I would highly recommend removing the link to the Lucene syntax above as it's just confusing.

This seems like it's a backend problem but in case it helps I'm running Firefox 9.01 on Mac OSX 10.6 and the account I'm logged in as is above.
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