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I’m unsure

UK Cart & Ebook question

1.) Is it possible for UK customers to purchase the discounted Print & Ebook combination - there is a separate "UK Cart" but this only offers print books?

2.) If purchasing an Ebook is it possible to receive the book in more than one format, e.g. I prefer PDF on a normal computer but Kindle compatible books on my iPhone?

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  • Hi Stuart,
    Thanks for your questions.

    1) Currently UK customers can't use the UK cart for Print & ebook bundles - we hope to be able to offer this shortly - but we do have a work around. If you purchase the printed book and register it at you are then given a code to upgrade to the ebook version of the print book for only $4.99 - the same as the difference in cost between the print book and print/ebook bundle.
    To register you print books at create an account using "My Account" at the top right of the home page and then within the My Account screen there is a tab to "Register my Print Books". Here you can register books one at a time or upload multiple ISBN's.

    2) Yes, when you purchase an ebook you get DRM free access to it in all of the available ebook formats which for most books is PDF, ePub, Mobi, APK and now DAISY as well. You can then download one or all of these formats as you require. You can find more information here . If we update the file during the life of the book you also get access to that updated file, again in all the formats.

    I hope this helps - any further questions don't hesitate to ask.
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