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Two-way communication of server and browser and update mechanism

Hi Matt and Shawn, When I first looked at your book, I was not so impressed because of perhaps your hand drawn sketches. Later, when I had time to read, I was thrilled to see you have covered latest materials such as Flask - which I was looking for. I have a couple of questions on the template html files: (1) How do I modify the html files to fit into a tablet/phone application without buttons and input fields spilling over? (2) Can I design a web page with pictures, borders, buttons, etc., looking almost like an app and have the updated fields appear without reloading the page? In other words, if the buttons states are changed by the browser user, how does the updated page with new states visible to the browser user? I would be thankful if you can answer these questions. Otherwise, your coverage is excellent.
Victor Ramamoorthy,, 925-989-6098.
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  • Brian Jepson (Editor, Maker Media, Inc.) July 09, 2013 01:49
    Hi Victor,

    I don't know whether Shawn and Matt have the experience with mobile web development that you're asking about, but I'll direct them to this question.

    However, I do know that Jonathan Stark's books (which I edited), Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as the Android version (which I also contributed to) cover this quite well:

    If you're not sure whether these books are right for you, check out the Download Example Code links on those pages, and have a look to see if you think they will help.


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